Polyurethane is a plastic material widely present in different forms in our daily lives but still it should be rediscovered and re-evaluate.

It’s an highly versatile, malleable, light and durable material. It’s waterproof and resistant to the exposure of the elements and it does not absorb even a drop of water. It’s not a common material like wood or metal but it can be easily integrated with components of different type such as metallic or wooden inserts.

The low-density polyurethane is an excellent insulator while once exposed to higher densities it offers a good surface hardness and it is also completely paintable.

Another advantage of the polyurethane is also being environmentally friendly as it can be disposed as non-hazardous waste.

We conduct a feasibility study of an initial prototype with customers combining design and technology. We then develop the epoxy resin or aluminum mold from the prototype. The Cannon technology permits to work the polyurethane on high and low density, from 40 to 600 kg / m3, ensuring the extensive use of the material.

Adaptable, Light,

We adapt the production process to the material and to the customer request. We can provide directly the final product ready for sale or the basic product painted and gilded or just assembled.

We work with the polyurethane and other materials such as plastics, aluminum, wood, metal sheet, glass, and other resins. We value every single piece putting it in the hands of our skilled artisans.

Production process:

From idea to finished product delivery

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